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Female 38.


Losing Teeth

Dream: Loosing Teeth

I constantly dream of my teeth being loose and falling out.   What could this possibly mean?


Dreams about teeth falling out are quite common and can mean one of two things. The first is to do with  having children. (Animals carry their young around with their teeth). This type of dream can be triggered by a number of things.

  • Approaching menopause and therefore losing the ability to have children

  • A physical problem leading to an inability to have children

  • Not feeling capable of raising a child

  • Your children are ready to 'leave the nest'

  • Wanting a child but your partner doesn't

The other thing it can indicate is that you are in a situation where you cannot assert yourself. For example, if you work for somebody who is overbearing and your right to be assertive is not catered for.

Dreamer's Comment on the Interpretation

Thank you Michael!

Your response to my dream about losing teeth was very interesting and as they say...."Hit the nail on the head!"

Although I am 38 ( and Doctors do not share my belief nor recognize my family history of early menopause and complete hysterectomy) I do feel I am approaching it. Your comment of "Not feeling capable of raising a child" is true also.  I have known since I was 16 that I never wanted children and felt any other course would be disastrous for ME and the CHILD. 

Thank you!


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