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Female 15


This is a recurring dream that occurs whenever I move. My first encounter with it was when I was very young (4) again at 10 and then later when I was 13.  It does not happen the night of the move, but during that period of time in between the house being brand-new and familiar.


House on Fire

Dream: House on Fire

The dream starts with me waking up to find my house on fire. I feel an urgency to warn my parents and family, but when I go into their rooms I find them gone. I search the house but find no sign of anyone. I run outside to find my whole block burning, but once again no one is there and after I stand there for a little bit I go onto another street and once again find it burning and abandoned. That is the last thing I remember before I wake up.


Fire is a symbol for emotions and the house is a symbol for the body. This then means that the house on fire indicates your negative emotions are or have the potential to damage your body. This is what the dream wants to address so it will then indicate where these negative feelings are coming from. The answer to this is the feeling of abandonment by your parents. Since you can remember having this dream around age 4 the problem comes from before that. You'll have to look into your past for a time when you first felt your parents 'abandoned' you. They need not have done this physically because at a very young age you pick this up emotionally. If you moved at a young age you could have been afraid that your parents weren't there when you awoke in unfamiliar surroundings.

Think about this and see what comes to mind. Ultimately you need to be more loving (positive emotions) towards yourself.

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