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Female 27.


Dead Rat


Dream: Dead Rat

I had a dream about a dead bloody rat lying in my dustbin basket alongside my toilet. I cannot remember how the rat died/ was killed, but I had its blood all down my legs. My husband and I were trying to remove the blood with toilet paper and all it was doing was smearing down my legs!


This dream is a health warning. The subject matter of the colon is evident from the toilet, dustbin and toilet paper. Refer to my tutorial section on the Digestive and Elimination System. The rat in the dream is the threat but the fact that it is dead indicates the threat is being taken care of by your immune system. Although you are not aware of how it got killed in the dream you can be thankful that your immune system is working well for you and looking after your body. In reality the rat represents cancer. This may seem shocking at first but remember that dreams exaggerate and that the cancer was shown as dead in the dream. Dreams can even warn about such conditions many many years in advance of the disease. This gives the dreamer plenty of time to take remedial action to prevent the condition from ever manifesting.

The dream shows your husband helping you with the problem. This usually indicates that you feel you are not getting enough support from him. Talk to him about your concerns and any stress you may be feeling as this is contributing to your condition.

So my message to you is to go for a check-up to be safe. If this dream is out of the blue then you don't need to worry but if you have similar dreams in close succession then you are being strongly advised to do something about it. Because the rat is bloody I would advise you to cut out red meats if you have not already done so because this is affecting the lining of your colon. I also suspect you are already aware of an elimination problem.

Dreamer's Comment on the Interpretation

At the time of the dream I had recently gone to see a homeopath for help with my diet. I was suffering severely, on a daily basis, from indigestion, being bloated and stomach cramps as well eczema, hay fever and asthma! She helped me form a diet that eliminated foods that we established I had a high intolerance to e.g. cows milk, smoked foods, wheat flour and soya. I have now been on this diet for 2 months and my digestive problems are much much improved!

Since this particular dream I have not had any other similar dreams.

Many thanks for your interpretation and I'm sure we will be speaking again soon!

My reply to Comments

From personal experience I can honestly say that you do not need to go to a GP or hospital. From what you have told me you acted on the problem you perceived. If you want to revisit the homeopath again do so - but again you don't need to. The main things that you said that let me know this are;

  1. You have not had a similar dream since. That is the most important. Remember, in my analysis I said not to worry if the dream was out of the blue.
  2. You were getting treatment for a colon condition at the time. This will inevitably upset your digestive balance for a short period but must be allowed for with any treatment. This is likely to be what triggered the dream.
  3. The rat was dead. This indicates that your immune system is healthy and capable of fighting off invaders. We all develop cancer cells all the time and our healthy immune systems are capable with dealing with this.

I myself had very consistent dreams about cancer and by eliminating the triggering conditions and monitoring my dreams for fluctuations I know that I am avoiding and problems with cancer. All you need to do is keep an eye on your dreams. You will tend to have the 'bad dream' two nights after you eat the offending food.

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