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Back in School

Dream: Back in School

Over the past several years I have been having dreams of being tested (math, English, calculus) and being back in school. When I wake up, I am initially upset knowing that I have not prepared for the test, but then realize it was only a dream. I graduated from veterinarian school in 1989, and believe the dreams started after that. While in school there were plenty of tests to sweat over, but just wish I could put it behind.


The location gives us the subject matter. A school is a place of learning so the subject matter of the dream is learning about yourself with a view to improving yourself. The fact that it is an exam situation gives a further clue. Examiners test us to see if we are ready to move to more advanced lessons. In a dream exams indicate that the dreamer is ready for more advanced lessons in life. This is in a spiritual sense but usually means that some changes are required on your part. The exact questions in the tests would tell me what this is but this information is missing from what you have written.

The feeling of not having prepared for the test is common in these type of dreams. Here you have to really consider what life is about. Before embarking on the journey of life you would have worked out all the major things you need to do with your life. In the dream you are feeling that you are behind where you had expected to be by this stage. In this way the dream is putting the pressure on you to do something new.

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