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Dream Interpretation Courses
with Michael Sheridan

2 Day Weekend Workshop
London, UK

May 16 & 17, 2009

Location: Clapham North, London

Apologies but this event is cancelled
I obviously need to do more market research for London as I didn't get enough bookings to go ahead with the event!


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Course Summary

The course covers all aspects of Dream Interpretation based on the information on this site and is suitable for both beginners and advanced students. The course is very much hands-on and many dreams are interpreted.  

In this workshop Michael uses your dreams (submitted anonymously) to bring you from the basics of dream interpretation right through to advanced topics. The workshop focus includes your psychic abilities and how to recognise them and angel guidance in your dreams. To make this part of the workshop practical, Michael will show you how to feel the aura, see the aura and how to see your spirit guides.

It is ironic that at night, when you let go of reality, your dreams try to awaken you to what you are overlooking in your life. Dreams focus on the most important step you need to take at the present time. The focus could be how to restore your health, how to improve your relationship or career, or it could be simply telling you what you need to accept about yourself. The first step, as with any journey, is always about finding out where you are. Dreams show you this and map your journey to where you need to be. The key to unlocking dreams is through understanding the symbols on the map.

Dream interpretation is not new, but in our 'Western' pursuit of science has been forgotten or overlooked by many. As far back as the Old Testament, Joseph showed us that dreams contain important messages. Native American cultures hold dreams in high regard as messages from the spirit world. Saint Patrick was told to come to Ireland in a dream. Einstein admitted to a journalist that his entire scientific career was a meditation on a dream he had as a teenager where he was sledding at the speed of light. Dmitri Mendeleyev dreamed the periodic table in 1869. Friedrich von Kekule revolutionized organic chemistry through determining the structure of the benzene molecule from a dream. The list goes on and on.

Dreams are the big picture. They don't sequentially cover a topic. Lots of things are there at the same time all interacting. To be effective at interpreting our dreams, we must look at the dream as a metaphor. The interpretation process requires taking into account all the symbols in the dream at the same time. When you have successfully done so, the interpretation will resonate with you and you will be in no doubt that you understand it.

This workshop covers many topics including health, relationships, career, spirituality, psychic development and your life purpose.

Dreams are the language of the soul. Through dreams, the soul comments on all aspects of our lives such as health, relationships, career and spirituality.

Course Times

The Weekend course runs on Saturday and Sunday from 12:30 - 7:30pm approximately.

Free Book

The course includes a copy of Michael's book How To Interpret Your Dreams.


Details are requested from the venue organiser. Check back soon.

Course Location

The course is held at Synchronicity Studios‎ SW9, London which is of Landor Road, near Clapham North underground.
Course Venue
Synchronicity Studios‎ SW9
157A Hubert Grove
Clapham / Stockwell
London, SW9 9NZ
020 3287-5337


Further Information

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