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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Kindle: $2.99
Paperback (386 pages): $14.95

These entries are an extract from Michael Sheridan's book
How To Interpret Your Dreams
and Discover Your Life Purpose

Smashing the myths Michael demonstrates the simplicity of Dream Interpretation. In this well structured book he starts with the basics and gently introduces how dreams give direct guidance on your health. That alone is worth the sticker price but it doesn’t stop there! With each chapter the arsenal for cracking the code in dreams is advanced until from your dreams you can answer the deeply philosophical questions, “Why am I here?" and "What is my life purpose?”

Michael writes from an unashamed spiritual perspective but with his feet firmly on the ground. With this book you can take steps to restore your power and regain control of all aspects of your life.

The interpretations listed in this dream dictionary are intended only as a guide.
A dreamer's personal association with dream symbols can significantly change the meaning of a dream.


Rabbits – Reproductive system

Radio – Clairaudient; Station – Absent healer, hypnotist, projector

Railway station – Birth

Rain – Life (more)

Radiator – Heart, circulatory system

Rats – Threat of cancer, betrayal

Red – See colors

Refrigerator – Stomach

Restaurant – Digestive system

Restroom – See bathroom

Right – Intellect or future

Ring – Ideal or goal; Gold: see gold; Silver: see silver;

River – Spiritual flow (more); Dirty or polluted: circulatory system

RoadRunning parallel to river: Spiritual path; Driving along a: Striving towards ideals or activating mental / spiritual; Narrow: Narrow state of consciousness; Dirt road: Colon; Main or Arterial road: Heart, circulatory system;

Rodent – Threat of cancer, betrayal

Roller coaster – Heart, circulatory system, emotions.

RoomAttic: brain; Basement: subconscious; Bathroom: elimination, liver, kidneys; Bedroom: rest, sexuality, meditation; Corridor: transition; Dining: digestive system, sharing; Kitchen: digestive system;  Hallway: uterus;

Roof – Brain; On fire: threat of stroke

Rose – Love, virginity

Rotten – Threat of cancer; Wood: threat to colon; Tooth: threat to uterus;

Roundabout – Heart, circulatory system, emotions

Rubbish disposal – Elimination system, colon

Rust – Threat of cancer



A-Z Dream Dictionary