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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

How To Interpret Your Dreams (and discover your life purpose)

These entries are an extract from Michael Sheridan's book
How To Interpret Your Dreams

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The interpretations listed in this dream dictionary are intended only as a guide.
A dreamer's personal association with dream symbols can significantly change the meaning of a dream.


Rabbits – Reproductive system

Radio – Clairaudient; Station – Absent healer, hypnotist, projector

Railway station – Birth

Rain – Life (more)

Radiator – Heart, circulatory system

Rats – Threat of cancer, betrayal

Red – See colors

Refrigerator – Stomach

Restaurant – Digestive system

Restroom – See bathroom

Right – Intellect or future

Ring – Ideal or goal; Gold: see gold; Silver: see silver;

River – Spiritual flow (more); Dirty or polluted: circulatory system

RoadRunning parallel to river: Spiritual path; Driving along a: Striving towards ideals or activating mental / spiritual; Narrow: Narrow state of consciousness; Dirt road: Colon; Main or Arterial road: Heart, circulatory system;

Rodent – Threat of cancer, betrayal

Roller coaster – Heart, circulatory system, emotions.

RoomAttic: brain; Basement: subconscious; Bathroom: elimination, liver, kidneys; Bedroom: rest, sexuality, meditation; Corridor: transition; Dining: digestive system, sharing; Kitchen: digestive system;  Hallway: uterus;

Roof – Brain; On fire: threat of stroke

Rose – Love, virginity

Rotten – Threat of cancer; Wood: threat to colon; Tooth: threat to uterus;

Roundabout – Heart, circulatory system, emotions

Rubbish disposal – Elimination system, colon

Rust – Threat of cancer



A-Z Dream Dictionary