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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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These entries are an extract from Michael Sheridan's book
How To Interpret Your Dreams
and Discover Your Life Purpose

Smashing the myths Michael demonstrates the simplicity of Dream Interpretation. In this well structured book he starts with the basics and gently introduces how dreams give direct guidance on your health. That alone is worth the sticker price but it doesn’t stop there! With each chapter the arsenal for cracking the code in dreams is advanced until from your dreams you can answer the deeply philosophical questions, “Why am I here?" and "What is my life purpose?”

Michael writes from an unashamed spiritual perspective but with his feet firmly on the ground. With this book you can take steps to restore your power and regain control of all aspects of your life.

The interpretations listed in this dream dictionary are intended only as a guide.
A dreamer's personal association with dream symbols can significantly change the meaning of a dream.

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Stickydrink on stairs or floor

This dream asks you to eliminate this drink from your diet or to at least cut down on your consumption.


Nylon stockings symbolize your intestines.


The stomach is the location for digestion and in dreams indications your assimilation or digestion of new ideas. Normally it means that you are having difficulty assimilating a new concept that affects your philosophy of life. Although it seems horrific, a dream may even go so far as to cut your stomach open to symbolically open you up to digesting a new idea!


Air indicates your state of mind so a storm indicates depression or conflict.


The sun is the life giver for planet earth. Without it life here would not exist and if it were to stop shining tomorrow life on this planet would disappear almost instantly. In dreams the sun represents healing energy and it means you have a hands-on healing ability just like Jesus uses in the bible. Hands-on healing involves channeling energy through your body and projecting that life energy into your client.


A sundial is a healing symbol for your heart. The connection to your heart is made through the sundial being a timepiece (see clock) and the connection to healing is made through the symbol of the sun (see sun).


To dream of a sunflower indicates that you have a hands-on healing ability, as the sun is the life force energy of our planet.

A sunflower can also foretell that you will have a son. This is particularly the case if the sunflower is in a pot.


A market, being a place where we go to pick up things we need, indicates what you need or think you need. It can also indicate accountability with regard to the subject matter of the dream.


Dreams of a doctor’s surgery are about your state of mind and how it influences your health or healing.


A swamp indicates your colon and elimination system.


A swan signifies ideals and goals. See Bird.



Swimming indicates getting in touch with your spiritual nature. Other symbols in the dream will indicate exactly what your spiritual abilities are.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is about your spiritual side. These dreams normally focus on specific spiritual abilities which are indicated by other symbols in the dream. The significance of the swimming pool is that it is a contained body of water with no outlet. The dream is asking you to remove any tendency you have to contain or limit your ability, and to create an outlet for it in your life.

Diving into a swimming pool, whether it is you or others in the dream, is a request to dive into life and / or your spiritual side.

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