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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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These entries are an extract from Michael Sheridan's book
How To Interpret Your Dreams
and Discover Your Life Purpose

Smashing the myths Michael demonstrates the simplicity of Dream Interpretation. In this well structured book he starts with the basics and gently introduces how dreams give direct guidance on your health. That alone is worth the sticker price but it doesn’t stop there! With each chapter the arsenal for cracking the code in dreams is advanced until from your dreams you can answer the deeply philosophical questions, “Why am I here?" and "What is my life purpose?”

Michael writes from an unashamed spiritual perspective but with his feet firmly on the ground. With this book you can take steps to restore your power and regain control of all aspects of your life.

The interpretations listed in this dream dictionary are intended only as a guide.
A dreamer's personal association with dream symbols can significantly change the meaning of a dream.

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Ceilings can symbolize a limitation as in I reached the ceiling of my ability. As they are always above your head ceilings can symbolize the mind and / or spiritual aspects of yourself. A high ceiling asks you to create a greater space in your mind for the subject matter of the dream. A low ceiling lets you know that your thinking on that subject matter is restricted.

Cell phone

A cell phone indicates you are clairaudient. Clairaudience is a gift where you literally hear messages from the spirit world. Mostly the messages are heard as lines from songs popping into your head. The segment of the song will repeat over and over making you wonder why you can’t get it out of your head. Once you accept it is a message it immediately changes to a line from another song or stops if it is the end of the message. It can also work through hearing lines from movies.


Cement or a cement path is typically about your colon or elimination system. The dream is saying that food has hardened in your colon and is caked onto its walls. You need to do something to eliminate it. This inhibits the flow of waste matter and the absorption of nutrients through the walls of the colon.

Central Heating

Central heating is an excellent symbol for your heart and circulatory system. Buildings represent your body and the central heating system circulates throughout the building from a central location (your heart).


A chain represents a karmic obligation. For example a silver chain indicates you are obliged to develop and use your psychic ability to help others.


Wood can symbolize your colon. A wooden chair also symbolizes your colon, plus it is where you park your bottom!


Chandeliers are a source of light and also contain crystals. Light sources indicate you have a psychic / intuitive ability. This comes as a feeling where you just know something without any logical reason for knowing it. The crystal component of the symbol emphasizes the preciseness of your ability. It is or has the potential to be crystal clear.

The word chandelier can also be used in dreams as a pun on channeler so indicates you are a channel.


To dream of a channel means that you too are a channel – you can communicate with spirits. Puns on the word also mean this. For example, the English Channel or Channel Islands.


If someone behind you is chasing you, it means something from the past still has a power over you today. While you may feel you are past it, the dream shows that you are still expending energy trying to get distance between you and it. The feeling that comes up in dreams like this is the key. The dream is attempting to show you that there is a link between the past trauma and that feeling today. If a parent is chasing you, it means that you still have issues with that parent today.


A chest that is essentially a large spatial cavity, such as a wooden chest or chest of drawers, symbolizes your lungs as they are the spatial cavity within your body. This is especially true if the chest is described as being at chest level.

A human chest can symbolize your chest. For example, if a crow is burying itself into your chest in a dream it is a warning of breast cancer.

A treasure chest symbolizes your spiritual nature and spiritual gifts.


A child in a dream can indicate you at that age. Commonly it will be one of your own children in the dream. A boy can indicate your male side or that you had issues with your father when you were the age of the boy in the dream. Likewise to dream of a girl can indicate your female side or that you had issues with your mother in childhood. We each have both male and female aspects to ourselves. Dreams always encourage you to restore balance to this energy mix. In fact that is one of the main purposes of your life.

If you dream of a number of children your age can be indicated by how many children there are. For example, seven children in the dream is about you at the age of 7.

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